Google is investigating another top AI ethicist

Google is investigating artificial intelligence researcher Margaret Mitchell, who co-leads the company’s Ethical AI team, and has locked her corporate account, Axios reports. The news comes a little over a month after another prominent AI ethicist, Timnit Gebru, said she was fired by the company. Mitchell’s account has now reportedly been locked for “at least a few days” but she hasn’t been fired, according to a tweet from Gebru. Mitchell did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a statement given to Axios, Google said it was investigating Mitchell after its systems detected an account

Qualcomm repackages last year’s flagship SoC as the “Snapdragon 870”

Qualcomm is repackaging a chip from last year into the “Snapdragon 870.” Last year’s flagship SoC was the Snapdragon 865, and then Qualcomm released the slightly up-clocked Snapdragon 865+. The Snapdragon 870 seems to be a 865++. It’s another clock bump.

Qualcomm has a totally impenetrable product lineup, so it’s hard to know if any single non-flagship SoC announcement from the company is significant. It sounds like this chip will be picked up by some of the more interesting Android OEMs, though. The press release says it will “power a selection of flagship devices from key customers including

How Cell Apps Can Assist Improve Your Enterprise Gross sales Leads

Quite a lot of changes have taken place within the last two years in know-how. Apart from that, the gaming world has also been on the verge of a serious facelift, where gaming consoles at present have offered the gamer to be part of the gaming world without the need of joysticks and different handheld control methods. These tech gadgets not solely allow the user to use the movement of his physique to manage what he does within the sport but it surely also offers them the opportunity to exercise on the identical time. Games that contain athletics and tennis …