Amazon warehouse manager pleads guilty to stealing $273K of computer parts

A Charlotte, North Carolina man has pleaded guilty to charges of mail fraud after stealing and reselling merchandise from an Amazon warehouse, the Department of Justice said in a news release. Between June 2020 and September 2021, Douglas Wright, Jr., an operations manager at Amazon’s Charlotte warehouse, allegedly stole products with a total value of more than $273,000, using his access to get computer parts like internal hard drives and processors, according to the DOJ. Wright said in court on Friday that he shipped the products to his home, then sold them to a computer wholesale company in California.


6 of the Worst Invasive Bug Species in the United States

Halyomorpha halys, the brown marmorated stink bug.
Photo: Edwin Remsburg/VW Pics via Getty Images (Getty Images)

Insects are cool (if you look past all the legs). They break down dead things by eating them and pollinate plants so that we can grow enough crops to feed the world. Conservation encourages us to protect wildlife, especially bugs that are now looking down the barrel of an insect apocalypse.

But… sometimes you have to kill a few bugs to protect entire ecosystems. Specifically, invasive insects, which humans have transported all around the world. In some cases, they’ve

A new video of Tianwen-1 flying above Mars is pretty epic

Enlarge / China’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft flies above Mars.


China celebrates the start of a new year on Tuesday—it will be the Year of the Tiger—and on the eve of the holiday, the Chinese space program sent a special message from the red planet.

The country’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft, which has been in orbit around Mars for nearly one year, captured a “selfie” video that shows the craft passing in front of the planet. This video was taken by a camera on the end of a narrow arm that extends 1.6 meters away from the vehicle and is used by operators

nubia Red Magic 7 to have version with UD camera

nubia’s upcoming Red Magic 7 has had its fair share of leaks in the last couple of weeks, as well as some solid teasers from the company’s official Weibo account. But one of those teasers from a couple of days ago left us wondering and now we may finally have the answer.

According to Digital Chat Station, one of the Red Magic 7 family members will launch with an under-display camera making it the industry’s first gaming smartphone with such a feature. And it makes sense given that ZTE has already released two such phones in the past and

Best Internet Service Providers

Trying to find a good internet service provider can be quite a hassle. Even those who are technologically advanced can become confused by hidden fees and descriptions of speeds and services offered. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution for finding the best internet provider as finding the best is dependent on a wide variety of factors ranging from personal needs to location.

Kinds of Internet Services

The first step towards trying to find the best internet provider is to decide what sort of broadband connection you wish to have. There are four main types of high speed broadband services that