Vivo launches ‘color-changing’ V23 Pro with dual-camera notch

Vivo has announced the V23 and V23 Pro, the latest phones in the company’s mainstream V series that sells a ton in India and other Asian countries.

The most unusual feature is the Sunshine Gold model’s ‘color-changing’ exterior that apparently shifts colors completely when exposed to sunlight. Vivo says the material took two years to research and develop; if you leave it in the sun for about thirty seconds, the phone will turn to blue-green before gradually returning back to the original gold.

Plot twist: these phones are both gold.

The other standout feature is the display’s notch that houses

Shokz Upgrades Its Bone Conduction Headphones With Extra Bass

Image: Shokz

Wireless earbuds effectively work like sound-blocking earplugs when crammed into your ears, and while that’s great for tuning out distractions, it’s not so great when it’s safer to hear what’s going on around you. Shokz’s solution to the problem has been to skip the ears altogether and deliver sound through a user’s cheekbones, and the latest generation, called the OpenRun Pro, promise added bass performance that you can feel.

Even mid-level wireless earbuds now offer features that help make you more aware of your surroundings by using built-in microphones to amplify sounds around you. It’s a useful

Scientists prepare goldfish to drive a fish-operated car on land

Maybe the favourite factor I wrote in all of 2019 was a couple of analysis research that taught rats to drive, an exercise that the rats appeared to get pleasure from. As we speak, we’ve got one other story of lab animals studying to drive, however this time the motorists in query weren’t mammals—they have been goldfish, who discovered drive a fish-operated car in a terrestrial surroundings.

The very first query most individuals will ask at this level is “Why?” Within the driving-rat research from 2019, the researchers have been attempting to review environmental stress, and driving is an exercise