PSA: Redownload your Harry Potter e-books from Pottermore before they disappear for good

If you own digital Harry Potter books purchased on Pottermore, you might want to redownload your copies before the option disappears for good at the end of the month. The site is emailing its customers to warn them that the books will no longer be available to redownload after January 31st, since being removed from sale in September last year.

When it launched back in 2012, Pottermore was the only official way to download digital copies of the Harry Potter books. Despite big stores like Amazon running promotions for the titles, which are some of the best-selling books of all

Google Exec Urges Apple to Adopt RCS

Will Android and iPhone users ever share a messaging platform?
Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Once again, people are talking about how Apple won’t play nice with Android devices. This time Google Senior Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer, who oversees Android, is taking Apple to task over the green bubble struggle and urging the company to embrace a new text messaging standard that will make cross-platform communication easier.

On Saturday, Lockheimer tweeted that Apple’s walled garden around iMessage is a “documented strategy,” adding that the company uses peer pressure and bullying to sell its products despite its marketing centered around

ISPs must accept gov’t subsidy on all plans—no more upselling, FCC chair says

Less than a year after Verizon and other ISPs forced users to switch plans in order to get government-funded discounts, a new federal program will prevent such upselling by requiring ISPs to let customers obtain subsidies on any Internet plan.

With last year’s $50-per-month Emergency Broadband Benefit that was created by Congress, the Federal Communications Commission let ISPs participate in the program as long as they offered the discount on at least one service plan. The FCC said it did so to encourage participation by providers, but some major ISPs drastically limited the subsidy-eligible plans—forcing users to switch to plans