Realme Book Enhanced Edition Air brings lightweight body and 11th gen Intel i5 CPU

Realme’s third laptop was just announced in China – say hello to the Realme Book Enhanced Edition Air. As the name suggests this is a slightly tweaked version of the Enhanced Edition laptop that launched earlier this month with the main benefit being a lighter plastic screen frame instead of a glass one. Thanks to the altered materials Realme Book Enhanced Air comes in at just 1.39kg and is 14.9mm at its thickest point.

There’s a 14-inch IPS LCD with 2160 × 1440 px resolution and a 3:2 aspect ratio with the same 100{6cbbbb67e95c3f109947fadfebeeb11ee83a276a35d831570b0c245adb54be1b} sRGB color coverage as the previous

Astronomers find growing number of Starlink satellite tracks

Enlarge / A Starlink track running across the Andromeda galaxy.

SpaceX’s Starlink Internet service will require a dense constellation of satellites to provide consistent, low-latency connectivity. It already has over 1,500 satellites in orbit and has already received approval to operate 12,000 of them. And that has astronomers worried. Although SpaceX has taken steps to reduce the impact of its hardware, there’s no way to completely eliminate the tracks the satellites leave across ground-based observations.

How bad is it? A team of astronomers has used archival images from a survey telescope to look for Starlink tracks over the past two