Mission: Impossible release dates have been pushed back again

The release dates of the seventh and eighth installments of the Mission: Impossible series have been pushed back again due to pandemic-related delays, Deadline reported. The two flicks are the latest in a long list of movies to be delayed by the pandemic, which upended Hollywood as it has struggled to deal with closed movie theaters and halted or scaled back productions.

The films Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8, both co-produced by Paramount Pictures and Skydance, are the latest installments in the film series that began in 1996, starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, an agent for

Batgirl HBO Max Adds Trans Actress Ivory Aquino as Alysia Yeoh

Ivory Aquino at the 2018 Writers Guild Awards L.A. Ceremony in Beverly Hills, California.
Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for 2018 Writers Guild Awards L.A. Ceremony (Getty Images)

The cast of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah’s HBO Max film Batgirl keeps growing, today adding a best friend for Barbara Gordon: Ivory Aquino, who’ll play bartender Alysia Yeoh—a former roommate of Barbara’s who also happens to be one of DC Comics’ most notable trans characters. Deadline reported the news.

Previously, Aquino played transgender civil rights leader Cecilia Chung in ABC’s 2017 docuseries When We Rise

Spinning black holes may prefer to lean in sync

Enlarge / A simulation of a black hole merger.

LIGO/Caltech/MIT/Sonoma State (Aurore Simonnet)

I was pretty excited when LIGO, the giant double-eared gravitational wave observatory in the US, detected the first gravitational waves. When Virgo came online, triangulating gravitational wave signals became possible, and gravitational wave astronomy became a reality.

Once the initial excitement of seeing individual events died away, it was only a matter of time and statistics before scientists started pulling new insights out of the data. A pair of new papers has looked at black hole merger statistics, and the papers’ results suggest that there might be