Amazon has disbanded the Twitter army it paid to tweet about how great Amazon is

Amazon has shuttered a controversial influence campaign in which it paid workers to tweet about how much they love working at Amazon, reports The Financial Times. Employees at the retailer’s warehouses (which it calls fulfillment centers) were paid to share positive impressions about the company and to deny widely-reported workplace failings — like employees being forced to urinate in bottles in order to meet performance targets.

According to internal documents shared by The Intercept in 2021, the scheme launched in 2018 in response to waves of criticism of Amazon’s safety standards and working conditions. Workers were selected for their

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Ending Rumors Explained

The ride isn’t over just yet, either way.
Image: Paramount+

Star Trek: Picard was never envisioned as a long-legged series in the style of the Treks of the ‘90s—hell, when it was first announced there wasn’t any particular certainty as to whether or not it would be more than one season long. But, as the series looks to second and third times around aboard La Sirena, its future remains in flux.

Discussion about the impending end of Picard comes via a preview for the upcoming second season of Picard in SFX Magazine. Fans have latched on to

US Air Force spends $60 million on supersonic commercial airliner

Enlarge / Could Air Force officers fly on Boom Supersonic’s Overture aircraft one day?

The US military has indicated its interested in commercial supersonic flight by granting as much as $60 million to Boom Supersonic for its airliner development efforts.

The Colorado-based company has announced that the Air Force awarded a three-year contract to Boom to accelerate research and development of its Overture airliner. Separately this week, Boom also selected Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina, as the site of its first full-scale manufacturing facility. There, Boom plans to begin production in 2024, with the first Overture aircraft