The Download: DeepMind’s AI shortcomings, and China’s social media translation problem

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The hype around DeepMind’s new AI model misses what’s actually cool about it

Earlier this month, DeepMind presented a new “generalist” AI model called Gato. The model can play the video game Atari, caption images, chat, and stack blocks with a real robot arm, the Alphabet-owned AI lab announced. All in all, Gato can do hundreds of different tasks.

But while Gato is undeniably fascinating, in the week since its release some researchers have got …

Equipment management and sustainability

Key takeaways:

Modernizing manufacturing processes reduces the amount of equipment, energy, and raw materials used in production and can significantly cut CO2 emissions.The factory floor can act as an important “command-and-control” point for a larger decarbonization journey, particularly now as the sustainability emphasis of firms expands to include Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.The key to overcoming sustainable manufacturing hurdles is to increase access to visibility through data analytics and digitally connected supply chains.  The circular economy is a progressive journey of many steps, which begins with viable business plans for managing materials and energy in the immediate term, …

What Is Info Technology? Definition And Examples

The hardware capabilities available right now have given researchers, entrepreneurs, and customers only a taste of virtual worlds and a promise of possible applications. The following paragraphs element some of the key technical wants generated by VEs. The VPL Reality Built for Two system (Blanchard et al., 1990) used a Macintosh II as its design station for stable modeling and an IRIS workstation as its rendering/display station.

What is essentially the most used laptop software?

Microsoft Excel has been at the prime of the world’s hottest software listing for several years now. Except for a interval when Excel was overtaken