The Download: experimental embryos and the US monkeypox emergency

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This startup wants to copy you into an embryo for organ harvesting

In a search for novel forms of longevity medicine, a biotech company based in Israel says it intends to create embryo-stage versions of people in order to harvest tissues for use in transplant treatments.

The company, Renewal Bio, is pursuing recent advances in stem-cell technology and artificial wombs, demonstrated by Jacob Hanna, a biologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot. Earlier …

Automated techniques could make it easier to develop AI

Machine-learning researchers make many decisions when designing new models. They decide how many layers to include in neural networks and what weights to give inputs at each node. The result of all this human decision-making is that complex models end up being “designed by intuition” rather than systematically, says Frank Hutter, head of the machine-learning lab at the University of Freiburg in Germany.

A growing field called automated machine learning, or autoML, aims to eliminate the guesswork. The idea is to have algorithms take over the decisions that researchers currently have to make when designing models. Ultimately, these techniques …

Analysis Of Database Programming Know-how In Pc Software Engineering

Devices with advanced mobile operating systems now dominate the consumer market, combining the options of a personal pc with extra options helpful for handheld use. Smart devices or ‘smartphones’ have access to the internet, and often come with options such as a media participant, GPS navigation and a digital digital camera, all built-in into one compact device. Linux was initially created for private computers in 1991 by Finnish-American software developer Linus Torvalds as an working system modelled around the free and open-source growth and distribution of software program. Linux, though not as extensively used on private or handheld units in …