5 Technology Solutions that Can Improve Site Security for Businesses

5 Technology Solutions that Can Improve Site Security for Businesses

Protecting your assets is important. Recently, there has been a push to protect customer data, physical buildings, and company secrets stored on computer systems. With advancements in technology and increasingly clever cybercriminals, business security goes further than simply putting a lock on the door. You need to fight tech breaches with tech. Thankfully, there are numerous tech solutions out there ready to help you do just that. Through smart technology, you can have all of your security measures fine-tuned across the entire device network. Below, we take a look at the top security solutions.


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EcoStruxture can manage every part of your business security, by using the IoT system. They can monitor access control of physical areas as well as securing your virtual data. Installation is extremely easy and you are supported by a professional throughout the process.  Their system collects data from the customer and the business and will alert you of any potential threats to your business, including machinery malfunctions that result in injuries. For all-around security from the ground up, this is a superb choice.


The security solutions offered by Frontpoint are ideal for both homes and businesses, with adaptable packages to suit all requirements. Everything is entirely wireless and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, for the considerable price of the product, there is no access to smart tech – which is counterproductive in today’s technological age.


With over 25 years in the security business, Verisure has had to evolve over time and they certainly know what they’re doing. They will have you up and running within a day, and you’ll have access to highly-trained support staff throughout. One of the primary perks of this solution is the inclusion of a vision fog barrier – designed as an advanced deterrent to distort an intruder’s vision.


Vivint’s security options are perfect for small businesses, with numerous customization options available. They will set up everything for you with their own technology if required, or integrate their system with your own tech. There are numerous finance options available, with long-term contracts available if required. In the initial phase, there is no activation fee and you won’t be paying much in the first instance.

Stanley Security

With bases across the US and the UK, Stanley Security’s strategy involves digital mapping that includes thermal, audio, and visual tech. They are very good at keeping up with security news and adjusting their security protocols accordingly. However, there are reports that they can sting businesses with hidden costs, which isn’t ideal in a world that strives for transparency.

Looking after your business is important. In this day and age, cybercriminals and actual criminals are getting smarter by the day. Give yourself some peace of mind and get a professional to take care of your security needs. The small investment in the product and service will be a small price to pay in comparison to the cost of security breaches.