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Best Android Tablet for 2022

With more makes and models to choose from, there's an Android tablet to meet your needs and budget.

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Android tablets have fewer makes, models and even manufacturers these days, which unfortunately makes it easier to skip the category altogether and head straight to Apple in search of the best tablet out there. Apple's iPad models including the new iPad Air and the latest entry-level iPad often seem like the obvious choice, but not everyone is a fan of iPadOS and some of the best Android tablets are definitely worth considering, especially for Samsung Galaxy device owners and Windows 11 users.

The best Android tablet models can meet any casual or professional need, whether you're looking for a gaming tablet, a drawing tablet or something for word processing. Some even work with a touchpad or mouse. And if you're already invested in the Android operating system and Android app ecosystem, you won't have to buy them again for iOS.

So if you're looking for a cheap tablet for media consumption or a premium tablet to serve as a laptop substitute, there is absolutely an Android option worth considering. Our picks for the best tablets running the Android operating system on the tablet market right now are below. We update this best Android tablet list periodically, so keep checking back.

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Amazon has come a long way from the first Kindle Fire tablet. The Amazon Fire HD 10 is Amazon's biggest tablet with a 10-inch screen size and powerful speakers. Just like its smaller 8-inch sibling, the Fire HD 8, the tablet is packed with benefits for Prime subscribers making it easy for members to stream and download movies, TV shows and games. Amazon's Fire tablets don't use a pure version of Android, but instead Amazon's Android-based Fire operating system, which pulls apps from the Amazon App Store. You can still get apps from Google Play, but you'll have to install the store yourself -- meaning gaming enthusiasts have access to all of their favorite mobile games for an excellent gaming tablet experience. Also, this is probably the closest thing we have to a budget tablet on this best Android tablet list.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus tablet might be in the middle of the Tab S8 lineup but it is our top pick. The 12.4-inch AMOLED display is bright with excellent color. It's a great size for entertainment and gaming, while big enough for light productivity tasks and still small enough for travel. Updates to Samsung's DeX software even makes the Tab S8 a possible laptop substitute, letting you connect to a mouse and even an external display. A keyboard cover isn't included but one of Samsung's fantastic S Pens is, so you can use the big screen for note-taking and content creation right out of the box. 

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Despite its more attainable price of $530 (or less) compared to the $850 Tab S7 Plus, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE retains an upscale feel. The S7 FE is the same size as the Plus, with a 1.3-pound aluminum body and slim bezels around its 12.4-inch display that has a 2,560x1,600-pixel resolution. Samsung carefully trimmed the features of the Plus, such as going from four stereo speakers to two and switching from an AMOLED display to an LCD screen. The result is a big-screen Android tablet that still performs well and has a premium look and feel for significantly less money. 

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The Lenovo Smart Tab P10 combines a tablet and a smart display into one 10-inch device. This Lenovo tablet comes with Android Oreo, front and rear cameras, fingerprint scanner and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor. When you set it on the dock, the Lenovo Tab becomes a smart display a lot like the Amazon Echo Show.

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