Technology Must-Haves for Computer Science Students

Computer science is an increasingly popular degree program to choose, with more students getting into it. Research shows that students graduating with a computer science degree tend to find work faster and start their careers on a higher salary compared to students who studied a different subject. Today, computer science graduates are in high demand, giving them the option to be choosy about the industry that they want to start working in. Over the past few decades, technology has been rapidly advancing, leading to many industries actively seeking computer science graduates who are knowledgeable about new technologies and can help …

The online volunteers hunting for war crimes in Ukraine

Like many people, Aeden felt helpless when Russia invaded Ukraine in late February. He was a 23-year-old based in the UK with no connection to the country, but he was good at open-source intelligence gathering, which involves scouring the web to collect publicly available data. 

So he put his hand up to volunteer for investigation outlet Bellingcat to help authenticate images and videos of possible war crimes being committed in Ukraine. The hope is that the work could lead to eventual prosecutions by the International Criminal Court.

“If we want to have any hope of holding the perpetrators accountable for …

How Can You Optimise The Performance Of Your Cloud Hosting Server?

Optimising server performance is crucial to offering an enhanced user experience and performing well at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Cloud Hosting in India is a web hosting service known to offer high scalability, reliability, and flexibility to websites. With its unique Cloud Server infrastructure, this website hosting solution hosts your website’s data on multiple virtually connected Cloud Servers to deliver optimum performance and uptime guarantee.

However, it is essential to note that a Cloud Web Hosting service alone cannot guarantee top-notch website performance. You need to optimise your server performance to ensure an uninterrupted and boosted website experience.

Ways to

Digitalzone’21 Online, A Must-follow Event for Those Interested in SEO, PPC and Content Marketing

Do you want to meet with sector-leading professionals from the digital marketing industry? Digitalzone by Zeo Agency brings various speakers together for the ones who want to explore the latest digital marketing strategies and secrets.

Digitalzone’21 Online will take place digitally on October 26-27. In its 9th year, Digitalzone welcomes Aleyda Solis (Orainti), Arianne Donoghue (Tempest Marketing), Arnout Hellemans (Onlinemarkethink), Bill Slawski (Go Fish Digital), Greg Gifford (SearchLab Digital), Izzi Smith (RYTE), Jeff Sauer (Jeffalytics), Judith Lewis (Decabbit Consultancy), Lexi Mills (Shift6 Global), Simo Ahava (8-bit-sheep), Wil Reynolds (Seer Interactive), Yiğit Konur (, and Yves Filippucci (Coca-Cola Company).

The sessions …

Common SEO Mistakes Most WordPress Bloggers Make

WordPress is undeniably the most popular blogging platform in the world. On, around 409 million viewers view nearly 22 million pages every month! When it comes to blogging, the world is a highly competitive place. While all bloggers aspire to have millions of readers, getting a few hundred regular readers is an uphill task in itself. With search engines being the primary source of traffic for most websites, bloggers need to focus some of their efforts towards Search Engine Optimization. Unfortunately, many bloggers are guilty of committing basic SEO mistakes resulting in a drop in their page ranks. …