iPhone Issues With Receiving Texts WhatsApp Notifications

iPhone users on iOS 14 or later are complaining approximately now not getting notifications for texts, iMessages, and even WhatsApp messages in a few cases. The problem would not appear to be with a single Application or a particular Generation Of iPhone Fashions. proceedings posted by the affected customers on on line platforms, consisting of on the Apple community boards, advise that the notification troubles are impacting almost all iPhone fashions compatible with iOS 14.

Numerous users have complained on Apple network forums that they are not getting notifications for brand new textual content messages and iMessages after updating their iPhones to iOS 14. the issue would not seem to be affecting the transport of new messages, but most effective notifications. each pop-up notifications and the crimson badge that maintains a matter of the unread messages seem to be failing for a few users, reported The Verge.

The glitch is outwardly not just constrained to textual content messages or iMessages as a few customers aren’t even getting notifications for third-birthday party apps including WhatsApp and signal. In some cases, it’s miles even affecting voice call signals.

The thread on the notification problems, only commenced in September, was now at forty three pages on the time of filing this tale. a few customers have additionally furnished workarounds, which includes turning off Messages on a connected Mac or pressure final the Messages app. however, it appears that these workarounds are not useful for plenty affected customers. MacRumors ultimate month said approximately the notification troubles increasingly impacting iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro, and iPhone 12 seasoned Max. however, thinking about the sparkling court cases raised by means of several users on exclusive structures, the issues would not seem to be restrained to the iPhone 12 series.

An iPhone Manufacturing facility in Kolar district in Karnataka, operated by Taiwan-situated Wistron organisation, has reportedly been vandalised. A video clip of the violence, allegedly by means of employees, has also seemed on-line. however, this clip has not been independently demonstrated. Press believe of India has quoted a police legitimate announcing that the people attacked the ability — destructive home windows, motors, furnishings, and computer systems — over income-related troubles. A exchange union leader additionally reportedly stated that maximum personnel had been not being paid on time and that they have been unhappy approximately many deductions of their salaries.

The people allegedly claim that many of them were made to work for 12 hours but most effective paid Rs. two hundred to Rs. 300 per day calculated for 7-8 hours, consistent with a record via information 18. The vandalism happened after the control failed to cope with their grievances, as per the report. Hundreds of employees are said to have ransacked the manufacturing facility, placed in Narasapura industrial vicinity in Kolar district, fifty one kilometres from Bengaluru, after their night shift ended at four am today, December 12.



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