Technology Must-Haves for Computer Science Students

Computer science is an increasingly popular degree program to choose, with more students getting into it. Research shows that students graduating with a computer science degree tend to find work faster and start their careers on a higher salary compared to students who studied a different subject. Today, computer science graduates are in high demand, giving them the option to be choosy about the industry that they want to start working in. Over the past few decades, technology has been rapidly advancing, leading to many industries actively seeking computer science graduates who are knowledgeable about new technologies and can help them be implemented in companies. As a computer science student, you’ll need to consider investing in these technology must-haves.

Laptop or Computer

Before heading to university to study computer science, it’s a good idea to invest in your own laptop or computer. You may be able to get one free of charge or at a reduced rate from your university if you would struggle to purchase your own laptop otherwise, since it is an essential for this course. If you’re going to buy a computer, look for one that has powerful specs, especially the processor and RAM, because this course requires you to carry out more power-heavy tasks like programming. Check out this Lenovo laptop for students that might be a good fit for you.


Along with having your own laptop or desktop computer as a student, there are various reasons to consider investing in your own tablet for this course too. As a computer science student, you might find that you need a tablet for tasks such as testing apps that you develop as part of the course, or you can use it to easily access apps that you might need for studying and revising. They can be ideal on-the-go if you decide to get a desktop PC for your home instead of a laptop, as you can easily take them to classes to take notes. You can get lots of accessories for tablets like Bluetooth keyboards and stylus’ that will help you get even more from your device.


These days, it’s getting harder and harder to go through university if you don’t have a good smartphone. If you are due a smartphone upgrade or have been thinking about getting a new one, then it might be time to invest in a better model if you’re heading to university to study computer science. Students might be required to use their smartphones for lots of things and it will come in handy for testing websites or apps that you might develop as part of the course. And, of course, it’s handy for your free time as you can use it for productivity, socialising, having fun with mobile games, streaming movies and TV shows on the go, and much more.

Computer science is getting more and more popular among students. If you want to study this subject at university, then it’s important to get your course off to the right start by investing in the tech you’ll need along the way.